Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have an example of the different colors offered?

A: Here are some photos of the different colors.









Saddle Tan with Air-Brushed Accents








Saddle Tan
















Q: Why do the Saddle Tan colors look different?

A: Saddle Tan uses no dyes, it is the color of the leather after it has been treated with oils and conditioners. Each piece of leather can take on a slightly different tone when treated this way.

Q: Do you have an example of the different concho’s?

A: Here are some photos of the concho’s.

Cross Concho








Silver Cross Concho
Silver Cross Concho








Star Concho







Q: My holster arrived and is a very tight fit. What should I do?
A: If the retention of the gun is too tight for your personal preference, you can attempt the following:

  1. Wrap your empty gun in a layer of wax paper (such as used for baking), ensuring the gun is covered.
  2. Place the gun into the holster.
  3. Leave the gun in the holster for approximately 24 hours.
  4. Remove the gun from the holster and remove the wax paper from your gun.
  5. Test draw your gun approximately 25-30 times. This creates what we refer to as burnish spots on the interior of the holster where the gun comes into direct contact with the leather.
  6. If you find drawing the gun is still too tight, please remember the leather will soften a certain extent, as well as the contact/rub points between your gun and the holster will slicken up more as the gun is drawn/placed into the holster. If it is still too tight for your preference, then repeat steps 1 through 5, and add an additional layer of wax paper. And, as always, you can return the holster to us, and we would be more than happy to do the process for you.  

Q: What keeps the holster from coming out of my pocket on the draw?
A: The retention of the holster in the pocket is a concern for all pocket holsters. The real key to proper retention is a proper draw. The holster can be pushed off with your finger as the gun is drawn. Alternatively, you can use a draw stroke that is somewhat back and out of the pocket, so the “tail” of the holster under the grip is caught on the top rear edge of your pocket. Pocket holsters don’t require a tight fit on the gun to work properly and very few of our customers have complained of any problems shedding the holster on the draw. Like any other new piece of equipment, you should always practice your draw regularly – with an unloaded weapon!

Q: How is my privacy protected?
A: Our orders are processed through a secure credit card processing service. We will not sell or otherwise provide any of your personal information to anyone else.


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