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Product Description

My personal favorite and the holster that I wear most of the time. This holster snaps on to your belt making it easier to put on and take off. It comes with Hard Action Snaps which have greater holding tension than regular snaps. It also comes with the body-shield and reinforcement pieces included. This is an incredibly comfortable and convenient holster, it looks great too! You can choose your color,  and even add a concho and now you can add Genuine Caiman Alligator!

This holster  has about 10 to 15 degrees of cant. It is best worn between 2 o’clock and 4 O’clock on the strong side. It will fit 1 1/2″ belt.

***Pictures are shown with options available at additional cost***



Additional Information


Black, Natural Saddle Tan, Burgundy, Chocolate


Star Concho ($10.00), No Concho, Cross Concho ($10.00 please specify in notes which Cross Concho you would like, Silver or Copper)

Worn On

Right Hand Side, Left Hand Side

Thread Color

Brown, White, Natural, Black

Gun Type

1911 5″ Model, 1911 5″ Model/Rail, 1911 4.5″ Model, 1911 4.5″ Model/Rail, 1911 4.25″ Model, 1911 4.25″ Model/Rail, 1911 4″ Model, 1911 4″ Model/Rail, 1911 3.5″ Model, 1911 3.5″ Model/Rail, 1911 3″ Model, BERETTA 8000 F Cougar, BERETTA 8040 F Cougar, BERETTA 8045 F Cougar, BERETTA 8000 D Cougar, BERETTA 8040 D Cougar, BERETTA 8045 D Cougar, BERETTA 8000 F Mini Cougar, BERETTA 8040 F Mini Cougar, BERETTA 8045 F Mini Cougar, BERETTA 8000 D Mini Cougar, BERETTA 8040 D Mini Cougar, BERETTA 8045 D Mini Cougar, BERETTA 8357 F Cougar, BERETTA 8357 D Cougar, BERETTA 9000S, BERETTA 84, BERETTA 85, BERETTA 86, BERETTA 92, BERETTA 96, BERETTA PX4 Storm, BERSA THUNDER.380, Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle 9mm Not Polymer, GLOCK 17/rail, GLOCK 17, GLOCK 19/rail, GLOCK 19, GLOCK 20/rail, GLOCK 20, GLOCK 21/rail, GLOCK 21, GLOCK 22/rail, GLOCK 22, GLOCK 23/rail, GLOCK 23, GLOCK 26, GLOCK 27, GLOCK 30, GLOCK 30/Rail, GLOCK 31, GLOCK 32, GLOCK 33, GLOCK 36, GLOCK 39, KAHR K9, KAHR P9, KAHR MK9 or PM9, KAHR MK40 or PM40, KAHR K40, SIGSAUER P226, SIGSAUER P226 w/rails, Beretta Tomcat .32, Colt Pony, Colt Mustang, Kahr P.380, Kel-Tec P-32, Kel-Tec P-3AT, NAA Guardian .25 NAA, NAA Guardian .32ACP, NAA Guardian .32 NAA, NAA Guardian .380, Rohrbaugh 9mm, Ruger LCP, Seecamp .32, Seecamp .380, WALTHER PPK, SIGSAUER P238, SIGSAUER P238 W/SIG Laser, SIGSAUER P238 W/Crimson Trace Laser, S&W M&P Shield, S&W M&P 9mm .40 4.25″ barrel, S&W M&P .40 Compact, S&W M&P 9mmC Compact, S&W M&P .45, S&W M&P .45 Compact, S&W M&P Pro 9MM, S&W J frame 2 inch barrel, S&W K fame 4 inch barrel, S&W Model 29 3 inch barrel, S&W Model 29 4 inch barrel, S&W Model 686 2 inch barrel, S&W Model 686 3 inch barrel, S&W Model 686 4 inch barrel, Springfield EMP, Springfield micro operator 3″, Springfield Operator 5″, Springfield XD .45 Tactical, Springfield XD .40.45 Compact, Springfield XD .40 Service 4″, Springfield XD 9MM Compact, Springfield XD 9MM 40 SubComp, Springfield XD 9mm service, Springfield XD M, Springfield XD M 3.8″, Springfield XDS, Springfield Champion Operator, H&K USP Compact 9MM, H&K USP Compact 40MM, H&K USP Compact .45MM, SIGSAUER P938, Kimber Solo, WALTHER P99, WALTHER PPS, RUGER SR9 COMPACT, RUGER SR9, RUGER LC9, RUGER LC9 w/Crimson Trace Laserguard, RUGER LCP, RUGER LCP w/Crimson Trace Laserguard, Springfield XDM 40 3.8″, SIG SAUER P228, SIG SAUER P229, Glock 43

Alligator Reinforcement ($20.00)

Add Alligator Accents($20.00) Genuine Caiman Alligator used for the reinforcement piece. Please specify the color you would like in the notes section of your order. I have Brown, Tan, Black, and Red!, No Alligator Accents

6 reviews for Snap-On Holster

  1. 5 out of 5


    Best holster I have in my stable. Impecable workmanship and very high quality materials.
    I will highly recommend this product. And Joe is a top notch person to deal with.
    You will be amazed!

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Ordered the Snap-On Holster for my new Kimber Solo pistol. Received a email from Joe stating he needed to order the gun mold to make the holster; therefore, my order would be delayed. I decided to order a belt to go with the new holster. In less than three weeks, I had both in hand. Great quality and workmanship on both items. Again, I highly recommend Mojo-Gun Leather!

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Ordered a snap on holster for my M&P 9c arrived in a very reasonable time from date of order. Quality is very good and it is very comfortable to wear. Price was also lower than i expected. Sure beats the heck out of the kydex offerings

  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I received my new gun belt along with the snap-on holster a few weeks ago. I hate to take it off. I have a bad back and the way that the belt supports the holster and that the holster distributes weight of the gun allows me to wear my M&P 9c all day. I am very impresssed by the workmanship and materials used, along with the price. I am going to order another snap-on for my new wheel gun. Great product!

  5. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I just received another Mojo Gun Leather holster. This time it was for my S&W .38 Bodyguard. Another great job! When I told my wife how much I paid, she looked at the holster and said it is definitely worth the money….nuf said!
    Thanks Joe.

  6. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I have had my snap on holster and ammo pouch for going on a year now. I wear it every day. This is the best CC holster I have ever owned. It is very comfortable and the easy on and off are the greatest. The quality and workmanship are undeniable. Thanks Joe for the wonderful job.

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