Winged Pancake Holster

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This classic style holster can be customized  many ways. You can add a reinforcement piece which helps keep the mouth of the holster open, making one-handed re-holstering easier. You can also add the body shield, which helps protect the gun from corrosive sweat and is more comfortable against the body. This style holster that has about 15 degrees of cant. It is made to be worn between 2 o’clock and 4 O’clock on the strong side. It will fit 1 1/2″ belt.

Now available with a Genuine Caiman Alligator Reinforcement Piece!!!

***Pictures are shown with options available at additional cost***

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1 review for Winged Pancake Holster

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Jeff G. (verified owner)

    Let me preface this by saying I am not a holster collector, and this is my first all leather holster. I have been using Crossbreed and Thies holsters, both of which are hybrid leather/kydex and they work great, easy to conceal and comfortable.

    I have been looking for a good OWB, I like the idea of leather because I am a “back to basics” kind of guy. My EDC is a stainless steel Kahr K9 with wood grips – steel and wood – my kind of firearm. So leather is my preference but most custom leather holsters are in the $100 and up (and up) range. I was pleased to find this very nice looking holster at a reasonable price.

    I received the order about 2 1/2 weeks after I placed it and all communication with Joe was fast and courteous. He offered to send it express mail since I was over the two week time frame, I declined, but he sent it express anyway. Thanks Joe.

    The color is beautiful, the stitching looks strong and done with quality. Like I said, I am no expert on leather holsters, but from my detailed inspection I could not find anything wrong with the materials or assembly. It is truly a nice looking and well made piece of equipment. There are a few little scuff marks, but you have to look very close to see them and they do not bother me at all.

    The black accents and thread look super cool in my opinion, when I saw it on the website I definitely had to have that. As for the reinforcement piece and body shield I wasn’t really sure if I needed them, but I got them anyway and have come to believe the body shield is a must, I don’t need the gun digging into my side. Still not sure if the reinforcement piece is needed, it adds a little thickness overall but it looks nice.

    I put my Kahr in it and it fit perfectly. I gave it the upside down shake test and it held the 1.5 lb pistol firmly. It was easier to draw than I expected and this gives me a little concern because as it breaks in I don’t want it to become too loose, but if that happens I will figure something out and at this point it isn’t an issue. So, off with my IWB and on with my OWB. I had to tighten my belt a notch and now I am on the last hole so I can’t go any tighter, but it works well and for comfort I will keep it on the second to the last hole unless I am going to be moving around a lot. I know the Theis holster is comfortable for a IWB, but going OWB oh so much more comfortable.

    The belt I wear is 1.5 inches wide, and the holster slots for the belt are just large enough to accommodate it, I doubt a 1.75 inch wide belt would fit. I didn’t think to ask and that information isn’t on the website (or I didn’t see it), so I got lucky, had it been for a 1.25 inch wide belt I would have been in trouble.

    Wearing jeans, tee shirt, and “tall” polo shirt untucked it was completely covered, so making sure not to allow my polo to ride up, I did the Wally-Walk all over again. I had become used to IWB and this was different, and while not paranoid about printing, it was more at the forefront of my mind than I have been accustomed to. No problems of any kind.

    Sitting in my car has never been a problem with a holster and this one is no exception, can’t even tell it’s there. I wear my firearm at 3:30 to 4:00 and it sits nicely behind the seatbelt and in front of the seat. After getting to the range I decided to try a few fast draws with a random countdown and averaged about 1.5 seconds from buzzer to shot, closer to two seconds to ensure I hit the target. It actually feels liberating not having the gun inside my waistband.

    So all in all, I believe this is a great holster and is very well priced. Fit and finish are great, and it is a beauty to behold. My steel and wood now has a nice piece of leather to complement it, and it couldn’t look nicer as a total package. I recommend MoJo Maker Gun Leather, great product, nice guy, super deal.

    I may need to order a matching belt now. (dang it, I sound like my wife)

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